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I'm Takács György, using the online alias Kadmon, as it's easier to pronounce for foreigners. I run a local gaming club, and I'm collecting games for them to play, and also for myself to have the opportunity to review those games for the general public on my website, The Games Nexus.
I'm looking for help to provide me with games, miniatures, or anything gaming related, in part to make a broader selection of games for our club, and also to have a chance to publish my thoughts about them. If you like my articles, or like the idea, please consider a donation or joining my patrons.
I intend to keep the content of my website free for everyone. However, as I have limited time to test products and write reviews, the wishes of my patrons will get higher priority when I decide what to do next.
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Some sections of my website, that might interest you:

Boardgames database: I'm working on a database of boardgames, comparing them to each other. I also try to find similar games if you like something, or substitutes if you'd prefer something else.
Wargames database: I'm working on a database of wargames, comparing them to each other. I also try to find similar games if you like something, or substitutes if you'd prefer something else.
Miniatures database: I create a list of miniatures by category, so you can find miniatures that fit your needs. I create comparison photos of them with other miniatures so you can see how would they fit your collection. I convert and paint miniatures, so you can get an idea what can be achieved with these minis.
Miniatures related services: As there are several people who need something done, and there are lots of hobbists who are great at their jobs, I try to connect these by listing their services by geographical location.
Gaming clubs: If you are looking for a gaming club in your area, you might find places you can visit to play games.
Article collections: As the internet is full of great articles, when I run into something worth reading, I add them to one of my collections.
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