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About TheGamingBritShow

Hi! I'm Charlie Cade and I create the YouTube video series, The Gaming Brit Show.
My videos range from in-depth analysis pieces to humoursous take-downs and everything in-between.
I pride myself on consistent quality content, with a focus on tight editing to construct the best possible vessel with which to deliver to you the fun of dissecting a title, good or bad.
You may know me as the guy who; Picked Apart MGSVPuts Devil May Cry up on a Pedestal Every Chance he GetsDissected Every Failing of Metroid: Other MGushed over Resident Evil 6Didn't Much Care for that New God of War or recently, created a nearly hour and half long deconstruction of the Ratchet and Clank Reboot.

Why Patreon?

Receiving income from Patreon will allow me to focus on creating YouTube content rather than diverting my attention towards other ventures to make my living. With your help I can not only continue this show indefinitely, but also improve it considerably with new equipment and resources.
Instead of rushing to hit the right goal posts for YouTube's algorithms to let me make a turn over, I can more safely take my time to create the best possible content with the help of my Patreon backers. With the recent issues affecting YouTube ad revenue, this extra avenue of support is pretty much mandatory for relatively small channels like mine now.

Why Monthly?

Monthly payments will allow for more versatility in my release schedule and mark a consistent time for each of your pledges.
This way I can maybe spend a month making 2 or more shorter videos and perhaps spend another month making a blow out video like my Ratchet dissection.

What's in it for me?

Aside from being a massive help to me you'll gain access to the rewards noted on the right depending on the size of your pledge. You'll also gain access to all previously released rewards after your first payment.
With enough pledges I'll also start working on a large Resident Evil focused design series and perhaps other goals in the future!

$742 of $750 per month
At this level I'll finally cover the Ninja Gaiden Hack n' Slashers on my channel. The Ying to Devil May Cry's Yang.
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