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is creating a rewilded and rerooted life on Scotland's west coast.

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A old fashioned  letter from The Gardner's Cottage delivered in the mail each month.  

One of the goals of life at The Gardner's Cottage is to slow life back down, to remember to mark the seasons, and focus on paying better attention to the moments and rhythms of nature.  I can't think of a better way to have you share that experience than to revive the lovely tradition of receiving a letter in the post.  

As I write I'll imagine you settling down with a coffee or tea and pausing to read.  Knowing that even if you can't be here, you too will receive a small bit of the feel of life at The Gardner's Cottage.

Each month I will craft a letter to subscribers about what has been happening at the cottage, in the green house, in my head, and out and about on the estate.  Imagine a newsy letter from an aunt or cousin you didn't know you had!   A glimpse into the challenges and joys of life on a remote estate on Argyll's Secret Coast in the west of Scotland.

I'll include pictures, drawings, recipes, stories of guests, antics of Alfred the Old English Sheepdog, or whatever is the focus of efforts the last month at the cottage.  

I'll use the most interesting stamps I can find issued that month and the letters will make their way to you via Royal Mail First Class Air Mail.  I hope to create a lovely thing to receive in the mail each month.

As a subscriber you'll also be notified of opportunities to book to come stay before we go public with the openings.

Patreons that support above the $10 per month minimum (thank you!!!!) will sometimes get extra treats from Scotland with their letters.

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Upgrade to this tier if you want to subscribe to Letters from the Gardeners Cottage yourself AND gift a subscription for someone else.  When you upgrade keep your own shipping address as the primary one, and then simply message me the name and address of your recipient.  You will be billed each month for both subscriptions unless you choose to stop.  You can downgrade at any time to just your subscription (You've Got Mail) or just the gift subscription by changing to those Tiers.




If you have ever wanted to run away to the wilds of Scotland and stay, I invite you to come along as I share the story of life at The Gardeners Cottage.  

My name is Susie Sourwine, I'm an author, consultant, and entrepreneur, but mostly I'm trying to figure out how to do this life thing better each day.

Beginning in April 2019 I started my next great adventure in a cottage and greenhouse beside a mostly unloved walled garden of a slightly wild estate on the west coast of Scotland.  I'm attemptIng to rewild and reroot myself while I search for a slower, more sustainable life with a deeper connection to a place that I've longed for.  I'll wander the five hundred acres of the estate, including visiting the standing stones and neolithic cairn, introducing myself and my sheepdog Alfred to the ancient trees in the woodland and the seals that visit the loch shores.

I aim to steward and curate a space that creates restfulness and supports creativity and sustainability for my guests.  I hope you will consider joining in on the journey in which ever way feels good to you whether that's following the journey on Instagram, subscribing to receive a monthly letter, or perhaps coming for a visit yourself.  

Your support will help me to spend more time on writing and other creative projects to share here and in the wider world including creating a space for others to experience time with me at The Gardener's Cottage.  You can check out my other work at
25 – reached! patrons
When we reach our first 25 subscribers I will create a special water colour painting of one of the standing stones on the estate and send it to a subscriber chosen by random draw.

I'll post pictures of the painting (and the fun of making it) as soon as possible.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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