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Hello, readers!

Writing, as you all know, is a form of art and, like all art forms, requires talent. It also requires time and energy: two very important and limited resources in the day to day life of most of us. My blog, The Ghastly Grimoire, serves as an outlet for writing about my hobbies: books, movies, the supernatural, and true crime to name a few. It's still a fairly new project, created to employ my limited free time while exercising my love of the written word.

Contribution is by no means a requirement to enjoy my content. My reviews and YouTube videos (which will be coming soon) will always be available to everyone. It does, however, help me continue to provide said content. I am currently unemployed after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis last year so whatever bills I have are graciously being paid by my parents for the time-being. First and foremost, funds received through Patreon will go toward keeping The Ghastly Grimoire online.

The Ghastly Grimoire is my passion. It is how I cope with my illness and share the things I love with others. That said, I sincerely thank every single one of you - whether you're a patron or simply a reader/follower. While I do this for myself, you guys make it even better.

Thank you.
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