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The ultimate tier!  What does that mean?  I don't know either! Get the same benefits as the Nether tier, and I'll probably spam you with messages about how awesome you are.




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About theGhostWolfe

I've been muddling my way through games since I was 10 and my parents let me play Mixed Up Mother Goose.  I enjoy RPGs and am embarrassingly incompetent at FPS games.  I started recording gameplay on my PS4 to show friends what I was up to, and figured that if I was uploading to YouTube, you I might as well make something of it.

This patreon will help me continue making content.  If I reach the unthinkable goal of $30 per month, I'll be able to afford Adobe After Effects and I won't be restricted to the mostly-terrible Wondershare Filmora program.
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Software is expensive!  $30 per month will buy an Adobe After Effects subscription.
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