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Patrons at this tier will receive:
  • Big Dungeon Maps (grid, no grid)
    • A new complete big dungeon map (30x30) every week
    • print quality (256ppi
    • VTT/Roll20 quality (140ppi)
  • Map variants:
    • Stone, sand and moss color variants for all the maps
  • The Lost Archive™: get all previously released maps at this tier
Includes Discord benefits
  • Access to the Discord server
  • A big dungeon every week
  • Access all the previous releases


reward item
reward item
per month
Patrons at this tier will receive:
  • Big Dungeon Maps (grid, no grid):
    • A new map every week
    • print quality (256ppi)
    • VTT/Roll20 quality (140ppi)
  • VTT support: 
    • FoundryVTT with full dynamic lighting support and all the bells and whistles.
    • EncounterPlus with full dynamic lighting support.
  • Asset packs (300+ items):
    • PNG  assets 
    • DungeonDraft assets.
  • Music tracks: as a background for your adventures, one new original track for each Endless Dungeon release.
  • All the variants
    • unfurnished - so you can use the asset packs to prepare it
    • save ink - optimized for black and white printing
    • stone, sand, moss both furnished and unfurnished
  • The Lost Archive™: get all previously released maps at this and previous tiers.
Includes Discord benefits
  • All the maps with variants
  • FoundryVTT/E+ Map modules
  • Asset packs (png & DungeonDraft)
  • Music tracks
  • Access all the previous releases
  • Access to the Discord server




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About The Goblin Explorer

Hi there, my name is Matt and I'm a DM living in Berlin and the artist behind the maps of The Goblin Explorer. I create battle maps and assets for D&D and other RPGs.

This the main thing I'm currently doing, it's an infinite series of dungeon levels, each time going deeper and deeper. I will release one new big (30x30) map every Tuesday. All the maps are always exported at 256dpi (for printing), 140dpi (for VTTs). Here are some close-ups from levels I've already released...

I keep growing my collection of assets (already 300+), with each map I make, adding new ones regularly, every month. Asset packs are available at the EXPLORER tier and above. I release asset packs both in png and for DungeonDraft.
You can find all the assets released here.

I also will bring every week a new music track to help setting the atmosphere and give your players an immersive experience. Each time I'll collaborate with different composers to give you always the best from the RPG music scene.

I will be uploading a 70dpi version of all my maps for free! I want to give a chance to anybody to enjoy the content I create.

As a patron, you can always find all the content in one single place, The Lost Archive™. These master posts contain all my releases and are always up to date. You always have access to the posts of your level, and all the levels below.

All maps and assets posted on this Patreon are licensed for your personal use under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 international license. Basically, you can use all the content you find here in your games, in your adventures, in streams and videos, share them with friends, as long as they are not used for commercial products or re-sold.

If you'd like to use my maps or assets commercially please contact me here on Patreon or at [email protected] and I'll be happy to discuss the topic with you.

Feel always free to write me a message through Patreon or at [email protected]

NOTE: Subscribing to my Patreon you will be automatically charged every month on the 1st day of the month; also it will automatically charge upfront when you join for the first time as I give access to my whole back catalog.

$429.89 of $600 per month
When I reach this goal I'll be able to set up a dedicated website where to make all my content even easier to access.
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