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Stick your toe in the water, it's okay. We're all mad here! Every little bit helps and I am glad to have you here, following along with my creative process. At this level you'll get:

  • Access to my Patreon feed, which includes exclusive insights to the things I am working on, random musings, occasional poetry, and the thoughts behind my design processes.
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Behind-the-scenes content

Slops Goblin

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There ain't no denying you are a goblin, through and through! You get the meat and the potatoes. The socks and the shoes. Or at least the digital equivalent of such things. For instance, you'll get:

  • Exclusive monthly write-ups about the places, characters, organizations, etc. for the game I am currently working on.
  • Access to my Patreon Discord channel, where you can participate in discussions, ask questions, offer feedback, and chat about games I am (or have) created.
  • All rewards from the previous levels are included.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Behind-the-scenes content

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Moving on up! At this level you have climbed beyond the love-able chaff and rabble into the elite ranks of goblin-kind. For your generous support, you'll get:

  • A free PDF copy of anything I publish while you are a subscriber!
  • Your name in the "Special Thanks" section of every book I publish.
  • 1st pick of characters/seats at a once a month, online play-test of the current game I am working on.
  • All rewards from the previous levels are included.
Includes Discord benefits
  • Patron-only posts and messages
  • Behind-the-scenes content




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About Robert Turk

Welcome to my Wicked Worlds!

My name is Robert Turk and I make books and games (mostly table top rpgs, which come in book form too! Because books are cool. Stay in school! Etc., etc., ad naseum...)

This is my real job, lucky fellow that I am. I am an independent publisher, award-winning author, theatrically-trained storyteller, and professional goblin (retired). Some of you know me from my performances as Gandersnitch the Goblin, others from the quirky games I have created such as Are You Mental?, Purgatory House, Hogswallow, and WyrdScouts.

Why Patreon?

Patreon is a way for those who enjoy my creations to show their ongoing support, gain access to some special insights and sneak peeks, and help encourage me to keep chugging along on a regular schedule.

As a subscriber, you will have access to stuff you can't get anywhere else and special previews long before anyone else can see them. This includes monthly previews of the games I am working on, a behind the scenes look at the worlds I am creating, community interaction on a private discord server, potential seats in a once-a-month online play-test game, and digital copies of any books/games I publish while you are a supporter.

You will literally get to watch these games come together and help shape their final form. You will be the first able to run games at your own table, or even join a seat at mine.
$31.52 of $35 per month
Let's face it. Sometimes the creative juices are slow to flow. Sometimes the kids are just too noisy, or the dogs won't stop barking. Sometimes the muse needs some inspiration. So, when we hit this goal, I am going to buy a bottle of whiskey. The good kind... so long as it is not more than $35 a bottle.
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