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About The Golden Apple

The Golden Apple wants to bring you easy to read, easy to digest content centered around finding and making meaning and connections in an increasingly fractured and isolated world.

We'll be discussing everything from psychedelic medicines to shamanism, Buddhism to mystic Christianity, magic and the occult, science to pseudoscience and everything in between. If it's bizarre, odd, left of center or just curious, we'll cover it. If it helps us to make meaningful connections in our lives, we're on it.

Our goal is to create a resource where anyone from any background can come and steep in the crazy wisdom of the ages, with the hope that they'll bring it back to their everyday lives and make the world a weirder place.

Thanks for stopping by, we hope you'll stick around!
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At $50 a month, we'll create a weekly series of articles exploring the hidden connections between the most curious ideas and philosophies in history, and the current events that turn our heads.
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