The Grammar Club is creating music, online radio, podcasts, and more.

The Grammar Club Economy Patron Program Membership

$1 /mo
  • Thank you! Your patronage keeps us operational. Your name will be included in our list of patrons whom we thank on-air, once every 24 hours, when the clock strikes midnight, on Radio Grammar Club.

The Economy S-Class Option

$2 /mo
Receive one Grammar Club song per month, on the last Monday of each.

PLUS: Economy S-Class Patrons may access our Discord! Sling memes, form friendships, and schedule game...

The Grammar Club Junior-Cadet Membership

$5 /mo
  • Receive one new song from the members of The Grammar Club, every Monday, yours, in lossless FLAC or Mp3 format, to download and keep forever.
  • Connect with other fans, and ban...

The Grammar Club Upperclassman Membership

$10 /mo
  • Receive three Grammar Club tracks per week, to stream any time or download in mp3 or FLAC format!

    You'll get a new original song every Monday, a remix or cover every Wednesday, an...

The Grammar Club Co-Collaborator Program

$20 /mo
  • All of the above, plus....
  • Access to stems of our weekly releases, for you to remix, or use as instrumentals in your own projects.
  • An ongoing commercial license to use ou...

The Judicious Tastemaker Option

$50 /mo

All of the above, plus...

  • Co-Collaborator income cap raised to $120,000 
  • Radio Grammar Club will play a 30-second advertisement for your project, business, or cause, once...

The Noblesse Oblige Package

$100 /mo


All of the above, plus...

  • Co-Collaborator income cap raised to $250,000 (Additional licensing is available beyond this income level. Drop us a line and we'll work somethi...

The Grammar Club Not-Technically-Contract-Work Program

$6,875 /mo
The Grammar Club will provide 75 man hours, per week, of audio-production work on your project. Example projects include:

  • An album about your dalmatian, Russel
  • A Dance Rock E...