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About Grant Perkins

Hey guys.

My name is Grant and I’m a UK based artist. I am currently working for WWE Kids Magazine where I write and draw a monthly comic.

In the recent past I have drawn for 2000ad, Titan comics and Doctor Who, where I wrote and drew the popular comic “Strax and the Time Shark”. I have also drawn The Penguins Of Madagascar and it's various spin offs.

I've set up my Patreon account so you can keep up to date with all of my artwork and donate ( if you so wish) monthly to help me whilst I get on with the exciting creative stuff that everyone loves!

Patreon is a 21st century way for people to become patrons of the arts and unlike years ago you don't have to be mega rich to support your favourite artists you just support them with whatever you can afford be it one or 1000 units of whatever currency you like!

You can also support me by following my Twitter, Liking my Facebook and checking out my Instagram.

I also have an etsy store where you can buy many awesome things, so please take a look.

Thank you very much.


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