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About The Great Everything

Hello and welcome to The Great Everything - a podcast on The 10 Questions of Human Existence.

The Great Everything focuses on perennial questions that affect all of humanity, individually and collectively. The podcast is a tool for formulating and sharing a philosophy of self-authorship and social impact to help build a global community, engaged in a common effort to address the great challenges we all face, individually and collectively. 

On the podcast we distil lessons from culture, philosophy, and lived experience in order to find answers to The 10 Questions of Human Existence. The best answers become building blocks of a large-scale philosophical framework through which we can make better sense of ourselves and our place in the world. 

Why are we doing this?
Whether we realize it or not: every day, with our every single decision, action and interaction,we are living out our answers to one of The 10 Questions of human existence. These questions have defined the human experience across the ages, from our prehistoric ancestors to our future descendants. Our answers to these 10 Questions shape our relationship with ourselves, with others, and ultimately with the world:

1. Who am I?
2. What is real?
3. Am I right?
4. What matters?
5. What should I do?
6. How do I face suffering?
7. How do we live together?
8. Where are we going?
9. Death.
10. Why are we here?

All too often, we don't take time to explore our own answers to these questions, and to translate those answers into meaningful action. Instead, many of our beliefs and behaviors are determined by factors outside our control - psychological impulses, societal pressures, AI algorithms and many more. We are giving up ownership over our actions and with it, responsibility for the common project of building a better future. 

We believe this lack of ownership and responsibility goes a long way to explaining the chronic void in productive leadership, values, discourse, identities, and behaviors we are currently seeing across the world. 

Our ultimate ambition is to equip us all with tools to reconnect substantively with ourselves, with others, and with reality so that we can advance meaningfully as individuals and as a society.

We share our perspectives through our podcast and website: Over time, we aim to catalogue our learnings from culture, philosophy, and lived experiences into an open-access curriculum, developed with the input of our community. 

Why support us?
By supporting us, you will help to advance a necessary public good, at a time when we appear chronically ill-equipped to overcome our individual and collective challenges. Please check out our content and join us in our endeavor by contributing your perspectives.

With your contribution, we will be able to staff the full-time team required to simultaneously deliver a regular podcast, develop online courses, provide free coaching sessions, and ultimately build an open-source curriculum for self-development and social impact. 

We're already doing as much of this as possible without substantive income to keep it sustainable, but your support will allow us to accelerate our progress, expand our offering, and bring in external expertise when we need it - all aimed at delivering the best experience possible for our community. 

If you value this goal and this work, we would be deeply grateful for your support in allowing us to maximize its value. 

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