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THE GREAT WAR Desktop Wallpaper + Double Votes for OUT OF THE TRENCHES questions
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Receive a new THE GREAT WAR desktop wallpaper with cool historical pictures every month. Your votes for questions on count double
Higher Priority For Your OUT OF THE TRENCHES question + Wallpaper
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For 5$/month your questions will have a higher priority in the ranking on + all the previous perks. 
Q&A Session
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Once in a while, Indy and members of the crew are live streaming a Q&A session where you can ask questions about WW1 or the show in general. 

Also includes all the previous perks. 
Visit the studio when we're shooting in Berlin and meet the Team
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If you are so generous to support us with $100 we will warmly invite you to our studio in Berlin when Indy is here for shooting. Meet the team and grab a bite with us (we sponsor food and drinks). 

NOTE: Travel and Accommodation are not included