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Sticker Pack

$1 /mo
Sticker pack! Because your guitar case is lonely. Stickers will vary based on supply we receive from our awesome guests.
  • PLUS
    • Good Guitar Karma because you are helping to...

Barefoot Button for FX pedal

$5 /mo
Orange anodized aluminum pedal button with laser etched Guitar Knobs logo. Great for dark gigs and tender toes!
  • PLUS
    • Sticker pack!
    • Good Guitar Karma! 

Executive Producer + T-shirt

$10 /mo
Executive producer credit at the end of the show and  a killer Guitar Knobs T-shirt after the first month of patronage with FREE shipping
  • PLUS
    • Barefoot Button for FX peda...

Episode Dedication

$20 /mo
We will dedicate an episode to you at the opening of our show and with your permission share a little bit about you! 
  • PLUS
    • Executive producer credit on show
    • Guit...