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About was started by a Thai-Japanese couple who LOVE reading scary stories off the internet.

When we moved to Japan, we noticed: the Japanese’s spirituality and animism is one of a kind; and this country produces a vast variety of scary stories. They are truly unique, scary and emanating from the Japanese culture, history and spirituality. We thought; this is too good not to share, we want people to know these stories! That's how we started translating the original stories into English and Thai language.

All the stories are translated by us native Japanese/Thai speakers, we make sure that the interpretations of the original stories are accurate. We put our effort into the research and pick the stories that we found truly chilling to make sure that you enjoy our content.

But that’s not what this website is going to be only about. We have a bigger dream and vision. We want to support more languages. We want to collect scary stories from all over the world. We want to establish a platform where regular people and aspiring writers can post their own real experiences/creative stories.

Because as we've come to realize, horror stories is one interesting way to look into the unique culture of the country it was born. Whether it is fictional or not, it reflects so many things that the country offers, especially the insights into the things that eyes cannot see or people don't always openly talk about to outsiders, such as spirituality, people’s beliefs, myth, legends, old customs, practices, history, etc.

We want this website to be a place that people come and interact with one another, share knowledge and creativity, and be entertained by reading the stories all over the world, just like you come to a BAR. Every time you visit our website, we want you to feel like sitting with a drink in your hand, ready to mingle and be scared.

So yes, we want to make the best (Japanese) horror story website AND a world-size community of horror stories. We are working hard to develop this website to be just that!

Excuse our long introduction. If you like our vision and what we are doing, please support us on Patreon. We will use your help to improve the features of this website as well as the quality of our content. Your help will also be a booster to encourage us to keep pushing and going further with our plan.

As all of this work is, to be quite honest, very hard for 2 people with regular day jobs to handle. But we want to keep up and post as frequently as possible and grow this community. So we really appreciate your help. If you’ve read it this far, you are amazing.

Thank you! Much love from us.
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