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About Paul Rosenberg

Hello! My name is Paul Rosenberg and I am creating The Heart of Jacks Project.

The project currently has two parts: a podcast and a book.

The Heart of Jacks Podcast is a weekly-ish interview show presenting conversations about sex with sexologists, sex educators, therapists, artists, policy makers, doctors, sex workers, kinksters, masturbation coaches and lots of guys who like going to jack-off clubs.

Okay. Maybe you just had a reaction. Something like, “What?” or “Is that a thing?” or “Cool!” or “That sounds gay.” or “Ooh Spicy!”

So, here’s the deal. I’m a writer and production artist who started a jack-off club in 2005. The club is based on a traditional model of jack-off clubs that started with New York Jacks in 1980 and persists to this day so, yes, Virginia. It is a thing and it was a thing before HIV was a thing. So, while at some level, it is exactly what you might imagine it is, it is also so much more.

Which leads me to the book part of the project. It’s entitled, The Heart of Jacks, The History and Culture of Jack-Off Clubs. Beginning in 2009, I began visiting jack-off clubs around the world, attending their events and interviewing their leaders and members, the outwardly regular guys who built and sustained a hidden culture of safe, friendly, male, group sex play that has remained largely unknown both inside and outside of gay culture.

And while I guess some people might find it mildly spicy, like 2-stars spicy, I am aiming this book squarely at your brain and your heart, not your loins. I want men and women of all orientations to know about the Jacks because I think it’s a window into all of us, our fundamental desire to connect, to experience innate human pleasure, to be authentic and to find community where we didn’t expect it.

The Heart of Jacks tells the story of the origin and evolution of the jack-off club phenomenon from 1980 to the present day, largely in the words of those who originated it over 40 years ago and those who discovered and built upon that tradition over decades.

You can support The Heart of Jacks project for just $5 a month. Higher tiers get bigger perks like ad-free, early access to the podcast, printed credit in the final work or a signed copy of the book upon publication and free, VIP admission to book tour engagements. Yeah, I don't plan to just publish a PDF and call it a day after more than ten years of work… I am serious about this thing.

I invite you to join me in this project as a patron, to pull back the curtain on a mysterious world, look inside and discover something that you never knew existed and never would have dreamt might have something to teach you about your fellow humans, and perhaps yourself.

Thanks so much for taking the time to visit my Patreon page and thank you for your support!


Paul Rosenberg is a writer, production designer, singer and community organizer in Seattle, Washington, USA. He is writing The Heart of Jacks, a history of jack-off clubs (J/O clubs) in America from 1980 to the present, a phenomenon of the sexual revolution that also maps the influence of LGBTQ+ culture and identity, HIV/AIDS and our evolving understanding of sexual orientation and gender while challenging our assumptions about maleness and our definitions of what sex is. Based on research of surviving documentation, as well as interviews with both originators of the phenomenon and the organizers and members who fill the clubs today, The Heart of Jacks celebrates this little-known and little-understood thread running through the fabric of Western culture almost completely unseen.
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