The Hedge School is creating a new folk culture, based on myth, wild mind and enchantment

A leaf from the tree

$1 /mo
The Hedge School: an insider's view. You'll have access to (mostly weekly) posts and updates specially created for all of our Patreon supporters. This will include an insight into our daily lives h...

A twiglet, brave and budding

$3 /mo
All of the above – and we'll also place your name on the supporter's page of our website – thank you!

A twig, tried and true

$5 /mo
All of the above, and an invitation to contribute your comments to us about what you'd like to see The Hedge School achieve and offer. And, of course, our deep gratitude.

A special branch

$10 /mo
All of the above, and a handwritten card with an expression of our thanks sent to your home address.

A structural limb

$25 /mo
All of the above, and a copy of our first 'Hedge School' calendar at the end of 2018. We're most grateful for your support.

A rising root

$50 /mo
All of the above, and a copy of any other publications that we produce during the time you support us. Thank you!

An anchoring tree in the hedge

$100 /mo
Well, at this level it's hard to know what else we can offer except our deepest gratitude for your faith in what we're doing. But all of the above, for sure. And we'd be glad to have a private emai...