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I am doing book things, every day. I hope you enjoy my work, and I thank you for your support.

  • Book thing number 1: The Hemingway List Podcast
  • Book thing number 2: Bogan Translation of War & Peace

The Hemingway List Podcast

1934... an aspiring writer asks Ernest Hemingway what books he should read. Hemingway writes him a list of 16 must-reads for the budding literary god.

Today... we are reading our way through this list, one chapter per day, and discussing the day's chapter (via this subreddit), to create a daily podcast.

You patronage helps me spend more time creating each daily episode.

War & Peace: Bogan Translation

My goal is to translate the entire novel into Bogan Australian. This will take a LOT of time - and translating is just the start - then comes editing, proofreading, publishing, etc.

Full chapters for Patreon Subscribers. 
By becoming a patron (of any amount), you gain access to all completed chapters, which are published here exclusively for patreon subscribers. (All posted chapters will be first drafts.)

To start with I will work on this whenever I have spare time. I will increase dedicate more time to this as my patronage increases.

$50+ Per Month - Approx 2 chapters per week.
$100+ P/M - Approx 3 chapter per week
$150+ P/M - Approx 4 chapter per week
$250+ P/M - Approx 1 Chapter per day

Who Am I?

I'm Ander Louis - and I'll be your host through this podcasting project, and translator of War & Peace. I'd love to fill my days with podcasting, broadcasting, and writing. Unfortunately, sometimes I need to do a very tedious day job to pay my rent, (I won't say what job, but it rhymes with "Scuba Diving"), which is time I'd rather spend creating content. Every donation here directly correlates to less hours "Scuba Diving" and more hours creating stuff. I thank you sincerely for your consideration.

Subscribe to The Hemingway List Podcast at
Purchase Available Bogan War & Peace paperbacks and eBooks HERE.
$30 of $50 per month
  • Host The Hemingway List daily podcast
  • Translate 2 chapters per 3 days
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts
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