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In addition to benefits of the Patron Tier, you'll receive a monthly email featuring a character sketch of a hero you helped create through your donations. Each month we'll randomly select a hero to be drawn by guild contributor @blackshagg that we'll then email to you as a keepsake for your continued support.

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In addition to benefits of the lower tiers, you get the satisfaction of knowing that you're creating another seat for an aspiring hero at the table of tales. We recommend this tier for parents who's kids are in the program, or for those champions of good-will willing to sacrifice their hard-earned loot for anothers well being. Either way, you're a hero in our book. 




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Tabletop Role-playing Games: Where players create characters like sharp elven wizards, bawdy dwarves, or mysterious rangers and explore the mysterious realm of the imagination battling mythical creatures and evil doers. But role-playing games are so much more than just wholesome entertainment, their an alternative medium for education!

Playing tabletop role-playing games provide a multitude of social, intellectual, and creative benefits such as:
- Players interact with each other across the table, giving input and acting out scenes; sharing thoughtful and engaged communication.
- They engage in empathy, placing themselves in the shoes of someone other than themselves and attempt to see the world through that lens.
- Players flex their imaginations while envisioning scenes, scenarios, and entire worlds! There are no screens in tabletop roleplaying.
-They employ theatrics and improvisation, and often incorporate other arts into their games such as illustration, music, and poetry
- Though the Game Master moderates the game, the rules exist in the form of books, meaning players are required to read to better understand their character and the game itself. Studying and information referencing are reinforced in roleplaying games.
- Players are exposed to other cultures, histories, mythologies, and belief systems outside from their-own. Our world is rich and full of culture, so is the gaming table!
- Dice represent random chance in the game and a regular engagement in simple mathematics.
- Players must also manage resources of their character, establish goals and motivations, and solve complex tactical and social dilemmas, all of which helps to build self-confidence and improve critical thinking.
- Players get the opportunity to live the myth, while Game Master's get the chance to lead youth through meaningful stories packed full of lessons and morality.
While RPG's can be can be incredibly rewarding, they come with a steep learning curve making entry into these amazing games daunting.  That's what The Heroes' Guild is here to fix.

Over the last year, we've introduced over 100 kids in the Nashville area to RPGs by volunteering at local community centers. Guild leadership builds a custom settings and villainous plots for each 3 month block, through which heroes "level-up" from squire to knighthood while learning the ins-and-outs of role-playing games, and get an opportunity to live their own myth with the guidance of an expert Dungeon Master.

We hope you'll consider donating to our cause so we can continue to create top-notch content and inspired play for Nashville area youth, and beyond!

- "Guild Master" Josh and the Heroes' Guild crew.
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Running games for so many of Nashville's youth is a lot of work! While we are happy to donate our time volunteering to run games, operating at the level The Heroes' Guild is requires hundreds of extra hours of work in administrating, world-building, map-making, and adventure-plotting. It also costs money to maintain websites and services, as well as to print hundreds of pages of character sheets, large-format maps, and other content. And while books can be used and re-used, pencils, dice, markers, and other consumables / easily lost items have to be up-kept and replaced.

So make the pledge so that we can continue to create a top-notch experience for our participants, and can begin to reach new heights (locations?) for The Heroes' Guild and the players and parents that make it possible.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 22 exclusive posts

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