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About The Honest Human

I am a college student who has been deeply interested in the podcasts of many political commentators. However, I have a vision for a conservative/libertarian-minded podcast which goes even beyond pure politics and delves into topics of music, art, sports, video games, culture, family, film, and of course... memes; all while tying in how conservatism relates to these and how other young people can navigate these topics.

I feel young conservatives are yearning for a new, geeky, youthful, lighthearted, and FUN podcast which does not constantly make them feel as if their parents are scolding them.

As I said, I am young and would be taking a huge financial risk if I go it alone. I am also going to be risking a huge aspect of my social life due to my political convictions -- so a community backing me up would certainly be helpful.

I would appreciate, beyond belief, some financial support for the basic technology required to start a podcast.

I want to give the people what I know they want. Any amount will help. LET'S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!!!!

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