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This is the only tier. If you like what the Pipeline blog and podcasts are doing and what to support it at any amount then I appreciate it.




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You can find the RPG Pipeline here
It's an entirely free resource to help gamers discover new rpgs being released, crowdfunded or playtested.
One of the big challenges in following roleplaying games is just keeping track of what's out there. I created the Indie RPG Pipeline in 2015 as my way of doing that the best way I could. Every new rpg published, being crowdfunded or even simply releasing as playtest, I post each one I see to the Pipeline which then goes out to whoever wants to be right on the cutting edge of rpg design.

The Pipeline started as a G+ community, but rather than let it die with the end of G+ I've decided to step up, make it more comprehensive, more useful, and give it a life of its own through this Patreon.

But the Pipeline, as its name suggests, is a utility. A resource for others to use as they wish. Through this Patreon, and through other means, I would like to build a network of people who have an interest not in producing a single game or building a single group but in improving the hobby as a whole. Two friends already proposed one way, and now we are all together creating the 'James & Lloyd' podcast where they help me and others sift through all the new coming out each month and giving me their thoughts on what to give a second look.

If you are someone looking to improve the hobby as a whole, that's amazing; please do join me or at least tell me what projects you're doing so I can see if I can support them.

And if you'd prefer your support to be solely financial then that's amazing too. I appreciate you backing this project irrespective of whether you post or vote on a poll or do anything else. Just let me know if there ever is any way I can make this project better for you. 
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James & Lloyd go twice a month
At $30 a month, I'll produce two episodes of James & Lloyd Read Indie RPG Blurbs So You Don't Have To each month
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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