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Toe-dippers are the cornerstone of any great swimming experience. Without their lovingly tended caution, we would not know the exaltation of the dive. Each toe-dipper will receive a postcard from Zurich (or perhaps somewhere else if I'm feeling inspired) with words from my heart to yours. 
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Waders know the beauty of being betwixt and between. Not fully submerged, but neither fully planted on the earth, they are in the liminal realm, the space between. Waders will receive a recording of a poem - mine or someone else's - intuitively selected from a vast collection. Words can strike us in our softest places and open us to greater depths - this poem will take aim for that part in you, that you may have a moment of truth whenever you forget. 
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Fully safe with feet planted on the ground, and totally immersed in the delight and play of the water, Splashers are committed to the experience of being in and of the water as well as in and of the land. Splashers will receive a hand-drawn mandala, with a brief message about what the symbol evokes for me, and the potential medicine that lies therein. 




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About Me

Hi. I'm Mackenzie. I'm a training candidate at ISAPZURICH, where I study analytical (Jungian) psychology, & a soon to be doctoral candidate at Sophia Institute. I am also a Certified 5Rhythms® Teacher & student of somatics. I'm a thinker, writer, & empirical mystic. Above all, I stand for radical responsibility & wholeness for all those brave enough to make the journey toward it. I value integrity, emotional authenticity, responsible hedonism, critical thinking, & the human capacity for awe.

Very, very simply, I and we are here because I need your support to become the person I need to be to fight the forces of evil that threaten to take over the world [see video]. We are at a crossroads as a species & depth psychology is--from what I can discern--the most impactful, relevant, and cogent contribution I can personally make to tip the scales toward good. The two-fingered pour straight-up is this: I need your financial backing so that I can focus as much of my gaze on the terrifying, numinous, soul-making educational journey I have before me, a journey which will support me in becoming the person I need to be to do the work I am called to do. Your contribution means you get to join me on this journey & we get to make the world a more depthful, self-aware, integral place together.

Patrons get access to my personal reflections, dreams, & journals, as well as hand-penned missives & tailored mandalas. If you qualify, you will also receive access to nifty how-to videos made by yours truly, including How to Self-Analyze Your Dreams, The Art of the Apology, How to Acknowledge Someone & Mean It, and The Fundamentals of Active Imagination. Down the line, there will be tailored musical mixes to inspire your movement, embodied meditation & mindfulness teachings, and early access to podcast episodes. Stay tuned & join the depth revolution! 


For more information on me, my work, and #whypsychology, read on... 

This pursuit (my studies at ISAPZURICH & Sophia institute, my writing, etc.) is one of personal betterment & mastery, to be sure, but it is also the attempt of one inconsequential & idealistic human (yours truly) to make a meager, skillful contribution toward maintaining the sanity of the human race. From what I can tell, we are in a collective circus of shadows & projections. These tools--psychology & conscious embodiment--are the best tools I have found to combat the chaos of said terrifying circus.

Depth psychology (aka Jungian or Analytical psychology) is a potent remedy, a powerful antidote to the passive resignation that threatens to turn us all into mindless zombies. It can stave off the illogic & anti-intellectualism that has astonishingly begun to pervade our media & our thinking, and it can eradicate the narcissism, collective destruction & fascist beliefs that are constantly beckoning our more base natures to join the dark side. This pursuit, this educational journey, is one of completing a mission, one whose details are being revealed to me piecemeal, from the promptings of my own unconscious (just as the details of your mission are revealed to you, btw) as if written into my very DNA, and that mission has as much to do with us as it does with me.

There are, of course, deeply personal (read: selfish) reasons I am undertaking this pursuit. For one, I love books & the secrets they contain. I relish deep, critical thinking, & I find solace in the electricity of making new connections. Poetry, music, myth, & dance are sustenance & I cannot live in a world without them. And most simply, because I find depth psychology to be a particularly unique magic--a kind of internal alchemy that requires nothing more than insight, analysis, & objectivity--and I want to practice this magic everyday for the rest of my life. In short, this is my life's work & it is where I find the most fulfillment. Psychology & embodiment--conceiving of the depth of human experience--is my art form, my method, & my raison d'etre. I don't know what could be more personal than that... 

That being said, Analytical Psychology is as much about the individual as the collective (no thing exists in a vacuum). We are products of our culture, pedagogy, prominent philosophical outlooks, & zeitgeist, whether we like it or not. And so, studying psychology is how I am called to contribute to us as a whole. This also means that in order to understand the unique individual one must first understand the whole from whence the individual came. That--the big picture, the cultural milieu in which our conscious & unconscious parts reside--has always been my biggest draw to psychology, and specifically Jungian psychology, which is the branch of psych most interested in grasping the collective. There are many wonderful & terrible things happening in the world right now, and perhaps in equal measure. But I believe we, as a species, are in grave danger (at the risk of sounding alarmist) & the danger lies mostly within ourselves. This--these studies, teachings, writings, art forms; in short, this work--is my contribution to the Resistance, to the forces of good that may stand a chance against the danger that looms. This is what I'm doing to fight the monsters under the bed. 

As an individual, I have an uncanny knack for seeing the big picture, connecting the dots, & critically engaging the world. I also have the right commixture of trauma, teachings, & triumphs to be sensitive, empathic, & unapologetically perceptive enough to make a good psychologist. On the bell curve from wonderful to unspeakable, my childhood falls somewhere just to the right of the center mass, worse than a lot but not nearly as bad as some. Like most people who lived through a disproportionate number of Adverse Childhood Experiences (see study by same name), I have grown into an adult with a skillset remarkably well-suited to psychology & healing work. For this, I am nothing but grateful. Part of this pursuit I am undertaking is so that I may best use the powers that have been granted me by my pain & suffering to be with others in their darkness. 

So, that's the long (I know, really really long--thank you for making it this far) & short of what I'm about & #whypsychology. Perhaps my vision is lofty & grandiose, perhaps it's naive & idealistic, but I don't care right now. I heard a call & I'm answering. 

Yours truly (& truly & truly & truly),
Mackenzie Amara aka The Inked Shrink


What others are saying: 
Mackenzie is "the queen of thankfulness" (A.M., Berlin). She "asks big questions with a big, open heart" (M.M, Marin). "Mackenzie is a truth seeker" (N.C., Israel) who "possesses a fierce compassion and vulnerable strength" (S.K., Vermont). 

Thank you for being here, friends, from the bottom of my heart. We need you.

"You are not a drop in the ocean. You are the entire ocean in a drop." ~ Rumi 
"As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being." - C.G. Jung
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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