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About Lykanz

I'm Lykanz and I'm creating the adult visual novel "The Inn".
Welcome to my Patreon page, I hope you feel at home in here!



The Inn is quite an ambitious project of mine. It's a story driven Visual Novel made in Ren'py. The Inn is a comedic slice of life that pokes fun on common Visual Novel clichés and stereotypes while telling the misfortunes of Mike (this is his default name, you can name him whatever you want), a down on his luck kind of guy who's been trying his life in the big city since he was 18. Life hasn't been kind to him these last few years, but it's all about take a turn for the better (or worse?) when he meets a certain person.

What to expect from the first chapter:

- Consistent story
- Slow progression (kinda...)
- Romance storylines
- Focus on interactions with other characters
- Slice of Life style
- Comedy
- Pop culture, games and music refferences.

And many more!

"Why should I pledge to you?"

While I release the game for free, by pledging you will have access to updates several days earlier, access to the NSFW version of the weekly pin-ups and various benefits depending on your tier of choice, as well as joining this project's exclusive community and getting access to Patreon exclusive content (wallpapers, concept arts, calendars, etc).

You can also join my Discord if you want direct interaction with me. Join it so we can chat and have a good one!

All in all, I wish you enjoy what I have done so far as much as I enjoy doing it.

Stay safe.
100% complete
If I get to this much, I can safely start upgrading my PC so I can make better scenes.
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