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About TheInsaneBeaker

Hello there all you fine folks! I am TheInsaneBeaker and my job here will be to help Youtubers and other stream services get a good start for their channels by doing custom photo editing. By doing this I give you a face for your channel. It's real simple. Send me an image that you want to use as the base for your channel and then give me specific details on what you want done to it. For example: let's say you want to use Beaker as the base. Then say you want lens flare in the eyes, a human body, flaming wings, a weapon, and a hellish background. Once done, I send the image to the user to whatever destination they desire most. I take in the requests and do them in the order they're taken. Not only can I image edit but also make video clippings. Say for instance there was this great moment in a video that you want to share on your social media. Well I can do that for you. So there you have it folks.

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