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is creating monthly community and personal insight with support.

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Insight & Process
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Join us on a monthly group call to receive insight (tarot reading, intuitive messages, etc)  into the current theme, followed by a healing process (such as guided meditation, journal prompts, various activities, etc) to help you with your personal goals.

All video calls will be recorded and a replay will be posted for those you cannot attend live.

The Community
per month

With this tier you will receive the monthly Insight & Process group call, PLUS:

  • Access to a private Facebook community to connect with other members of The Inspired Connection. Within this group you will receive even more guidance for the months current theme, such as crystal information, tarot spreads, activities, oil blend recipes, and more.

  • Access to all past and current calls and content.

The Inspired Society
Limited (15 remaining)
per month

With this tier you will receive everything from the first two tiers, PLUS:

  • An additional monthly check-in call with the current members of The Society, to receive more personalized guidance, support and connection, in a more intimate setting. Think of this as the ultimate Mind, Body, Spirit Mastermind group.

*This tier is limited to only 15 people in order to keep the energy more personally tailored and contained. 




This is more than just another wellness group – The Inspired Connection is an interactive, live-streaming, community and place of healing for seekers and travelers alike.

We all know that we need connection more than we need hyper-communication. It’s so easy to get inundated with information from all over the internet, but how do we process it and unpack it in a safe space? How do we really learn how to apply what we need, and leave the rest?

The Inspired Connection can help!

Cherise and Nikki (your guides in this space) want to share their years of dedication, insight, and knowledge with like-minded people who are committed to their own healing and self-discovery. This can be accessed anywhere, any time, so you don’t have to wander alone.

We are here to share the tools and modalities that we have studied for years to help you experience a deeper holistic practice.

From intuitive messages, tarot readings, guided meditations, coaching, and various other healing tools, we believe in the power of integral awareness…that true wellness is rooted in the Mind, Body, and Spirit.

This belief is apparent in everything we do, including our name. “Inspired” comes from the Latin word inspirare, which means ‘breathe or blow into’. The word was originally used of a divine or supernatural being, in the sense of ‘imparting a truth or idea to someone’.

We navigate the subtle and profound connections to care for you so you can feel seen and heard, so that your true expansion can happen. 

Each month welcomes a different theme to assist you with your personal growth and transformation. You will gain insight and guidance within a supportive community space.

This Group Is For You If...
  • You are looking for a community of like-minded people
  • You are wanting support on your personal journey
  • You would like accountability with keeping your goals
  • You're wanting to learn more about yourself, your spiritual connection, and various holistic healing modalities

Types of Themes You Can Expect:
Self-Love, Setting Practical Goals, Prosperity, and name a few.

Who are Your Guides Here?
This sacred space is hosted by Nikki Hartley and Cherise Williams.

Nikki and Cherise are graduates of the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. They both have a passion for guiding and supporting others on their personal journeys.

Cherise is a Spiritual Guide who combines down-to-earth energy with an intuitive approach, to inspire and support others on their personal mind, body, and spirit journey's.

Nikki is a Mindset Coach who uses Mindfulness, Meditation, Hypnotherapy, and Yoga to help people transform their beliefs and habits so they can finally attain their goals. 

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 7 exclusive posts
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