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is creating The Soap Opera - an EMP project about domesticity and tech
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This supports us to buy coffee required for creative development sessions. 

You'll get the patron-only posts related to the creative development of our new show - an insider look at how our brains put together ironing and electronic music. 

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This will buy us lunch during the creative developments. 

Our bellies will love you. 

You'll get the patron-only posts related to the creative development of our new show - learn more about the incredible work of Daphne Oram and what we have gleaned from her archive.

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This will buy stationary for the creative development. You have no idea how many whiteboard markers we go though in the brainstorming phase!

You'll get the patron-only posts related to the creative development of our new show - Get the lowdown on whats really going on with housework in modern Australian Households. 

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We can buy components for building the new iron instruments.

You'll get the patron-only posts related to the creative development of our new show we will explain: why irons? why electronic iron instruments? 

We can stream you into an instrument making session and answer your questions about how we build our iron instruments, with what and why. It's like a little workshop. 



About The Ironing Maidens

We are looking for people to engage with. 
We want to chat; creative development, taking idea's from concept to the stage, why it's important that diverse stories from history are celebrated, how to do that, why women need to be doing less housework, how to hack irons and turn them into electronic instruments, how to make electronic music and why it's important how to break down gender stereotypes that don't work anymore.
For $2 you can buy us a coffee or electrical components and together we can figure out how to do all of this! This is a two way street of idea's, conversations, we will share our process and knowledge and we want your opinions and questions. We are about to start the creative development of a brand new show so it's a perfect time for us to get together. Let's chat soon! 

Meanwhile- here is the bio!

Award Winning electronic duo The Ironing Maidens have an exciting, fresh new show in development. The Soap Opera is an experimental electronic explosion of instruments unique to any show like it in Australia, evolving T.I.M.’s signature musical construction through activating inanimate objects to embody and operate music functionality. Incorporating electronic music, electronic instrument design, theatre, visuals, choreography and more, the new work draws inspiration from the life of the electronic music pioneer Daphne Oram; while the housewives of the 1950s were struggling with newfangled washing machines and vacuum cleaners, Daphne was busy building and immersing herself in her own world of invention.

The content of the project is inspired by the work of Daphne Oram, a pioneer in music technology development whose work spanned the decades from the late 40’s - 70’s. It is used as a starting point to explore the concept of recognition of women's work. Invention, entrepreneurship, and innovation are currently hot topics for many industries including the creative industries, but there are many stories similar to that of Daphne Oram, where groundbreaking work goes largely unacknowledged due to social attitudes of the time; especially concerning gender, cultural backgrounds, and social class systems.

Currently, the live show of The Ironing Maidens has had a successful 5 years of live performance, nationally, internationally and two sold-out regional tours in QLD and NSW. Last years sold-out performances at Adelaide Fringe Festival attracted a John Chattaway Innovation Award. This new show has letters of support and engagement with Woodford Folk Festival and Adelaide Fringe Festival for the 2020 Seasons. 

This is the time to iron out the wrinkles in the krinkly old patriarchy!
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If we have 100 Patrons it will make the creative development phase of our new Show "The Soap Opera" so much more functional. Having an audience to share the process with will make it much more interesting. 
Every bit helps, buy us coffee or electronic components or second-hand irons to hack. 
and hopefully, you will see us play - at a laundromat near you!
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