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At the Jackson Paradigm our mission is to make humankind a space-faring civilization by using creative scientists, inspired storytelling, and innovative technologies that change the way space exploration is accomplished. If you haven't already, visit the website by using the link below to learn more. Soon there will be more content and a podcast to accompany the website so be sure to sign-up for updates. Just so you know, all of this will be possible because firstly you read, listen, and share, and secondly because you give.  

EVERY DOLLAR you donate goes directly to support the growth of the website and the podcast so you can be confident 100% of your donation is being used to be a voice for you but also to build a company that embodies that voice and will focus on rocket design, space exploration, and planetary colonization.

Thank you SO much for donating. We can't do it without you!

If you haven't already, stop by, join the movement, and share.
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