James Panetti

is creating Social commentary blog, science fiction, and coding projects.
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At this tier, you may choose one topic per month that you contribute for me to post about on my blog. You will be credited for choosing the topic and thanked in the post. You can choose any topic you wish, but if it's something I simply know absolutely nothing about, you will be given infinite opportunities to select another topic until you find one I can somewhat confidently weigh in. (For example, I wouldn't know where to even start commenting on topics regarding, say, astrophysics.)

If you contribute during the last week of the month, the topic will be for the following month, as I can only write so fast. 




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About James Panetti

I am your typical middle-class dude in the middle of a comfy career looking to do something more! I would like to one day evolve form working-for-money toward working-to-create, specifically create works which are useful or at least entertaining to others. I want to contribute something meaningful.

I have three endeavors, in no order:
(1) My blog where I provide detailed commentary on social issues in an analytical, approachable, generally nonoffensive manner. 
(2) My hitherto unveiled science fiction writing -- I've always dreamed of publishing a worthy work of fiction one day.
(3) Coding. I am a novice currently self-learning and looking for useful projects to create for the benefit of others. 

Because I have a full-time job, it's hard to find time for one -- much less three -- of these endeavors. Since I expect my first patreons will be friends/family, my offer is for your contribution, I will create something you request, unless what you request is impossible, at which point you can keep requesting until we hit something I can do. 

Let's see if we can, together, find something worthwhile to create and share. 

(I am new to Patreon, so this description will change and clarify as I figure out what the heck I'm doing.)
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