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Annie and Kit Ply Their Trades Tier! You get access to Annie's comics and Kit's Monster Manual stats for Jemjammer's various homebrew creatures! Subscribe to this tier for three or more months, and Kit will make you a cross-stitch.

Maq will strongly consider getting glamor shots of herself and her eleventy-million copies of the Jem comics.

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About Crooked Russian Cam

Hey, there, Internet! We're Crooked Russian Cam, the creators of podcasts like The Jem Jam (a completed episode-by-episode recap of the 80s cartoon Jem and the Holograms), I Will Fight You (a podcast discussing girly garbage media and why it's great), and Jemjammer (a D&D actual play podcast that takes place in the Spelljammer setting). We also play dating sims on our video series Date Me, Dammit!

We'll be putting out all this content regardless, but every dollar you pledge helps us pay hosting fees, commission artists, and employ editors to work on our shows. With your help, we can even start up some new projects!
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Kit will GM a Doctor Who RPG adventure, livestreamed on YouTube!
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