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Little Sparks Level

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Every dollar counts. You'll get a peek at my art posts and images before others not on Patreon. Do it! I thank you so much for it!

Firefly Level

$5 /mo
A super big thank you from me! Every small amount counts and they add up! Know that you make a difference! <3 You'll have even more access to my blog where I give sneaky peeks of my projects and...

Love Spell Level

$10 /mo
You'll have access to more of my images (exclusives!) than most folks in the world will have. We'll be closer friends. I'll tell you fairy secrets and you can glimpse more than most would dare. Als...

Wild Magic Level

$25 /mo
Exclusive access to the Unseelie Realm. Spells will be woven here for only a few to see and some images will never be shared elsewhere. Can you keep a secret?
An 8x10 print of your chosing can ...

Dragon Level

$50 /mo
You are a bad ass! Thank you for all that you do!
I'm delevoping and interactive perk at this level, online chats and hangouts. Could be fun! (More soon!) Plus, you receive a signed 8x10 of a ...

Epic Level

$100 /mo
You're a wizard and I love you! ALL of the lower tier rewards. Plus, you receive a charmed, signed 8x10 or 16x20 poster print from every photo series, if you choose. Message me and I'll make it hap...

You're a Wizard! Level

$150 /mo
All of the lower tier rewards. Plus, the option for a signed poster print (any size, resticted only by print resolution) of your choosing.

Demi-God Level

$200 /mo
All of the lower tier rewards (blog and video access, wallpapers). Plus, an additional monthly web meet up for the higher pledging folk. (Who knows! This could be a one-on-one conversation!) Also, ...

God/Goddess Level

$500 /mo
All the lower tier rewards ((blog and video access, wallpapers, prints of your choosing) plus more exclusive behind-the-scenes content. (Photos in the series never released, etc.) Options to obtain...