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About Jason Nuñez

"HE must increase; i must decrease." John 3:30

Greetings! I am a Parishioner at The Church of The Holy Spirit in San Antonio, TX. I have a started a Podcast on Catholic Faith Life. The goal is to share different ways people keep their fire burning for our Catholic Faith. I have seen firsthand many people attend a Retreat or go through a traumatic Life Event and it brings them closer to their faith... For a moment. They are hungry for more. Unfortunately, not too long after, many return to their “old ways.” I firmly believe this happens because they do not know what they do not know. They may not be aware that they can attend Adoration, pray a Novena, or any other beautiful ways our Catholic Faith offers us the opportunity to grow in our Faith. My thought process is to sit down and speak with “everyday” people and have a conversation with them as to how they keep their fire burning for our Catholic Faith. 

Of the episodes I have released so far, they have been 1400 + times across the U.S.A. and in other countries -- from Taiwan, Germany, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Canada, and several others! The John 3:30 Podcast also has a Social Media presence. For updates, follow us on FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

So, why am I sharing this information with you and why should you become a Patron? Simply put, I have a clear vision of where this project can go. In order to make my vision a reality, I need your help. 100% of your contributions will go directly back to The John 3:30 Podcast. It will go towards the online hosting of the episodes, Love Offerings given to Oblate Renewal Center for allowing me to record on Holy Ground, I would also like to upgrade the equipment I use to produce a better sounding product. This will also make Phone/Skype Interviews more feasible.  Lastly, I will like to purchase promotional material so I can reach those I cannot reach via Social Media.

**If you would like to make a one-time donation instead of becoming a Monthly Contributing Patron, click here.** 

My goal is to continue on this journey that I truly feel that I have been called to do. I aspire to have a presence at events around San Antonio and beyond, to promote the Podcast and the different ways others can get to know and love our Catholic Faith.
I encourage you to give a listen to a couple of episodes. They are available for free on Apple PodcastSpotify, Google Podcast and through any other 3rd Party Podcasting App (Stitcher, Podbean, Podcast Addict, etc).
I am available to meet with you personally if you would like to speak more about this project I have embarked on or if you would like to be a guest on a future episode as well. Thank you!!!

"The John 3:30 Podcast shares stories of everyday people who are in love with the Catholic Faith. They share how they keep their fire burning, day after day."
- Jason Nunez

Host of The John 3:30 Podcast

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