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About King Jo

Hello there,
I am Jo. GamermodderYouTuber (cough - if 44 subs even count), Discord moderator and an excellent procrastinator.

If you want to support my procrastination (or any of the previously mentioned things) monetarily, you can do this via this Patreon. It's mainly focused on my Factorio modding activities. Depending on the level, you may see, vote, suggest or even request a mod around a certain topic. Talking to me beforehand is always a good way to start it off. You can do that on my Discord.

Things to remember: Requesting a mod from me doesn't mean it's solely for you. I'll publish it anyway. If you really want a private mod just for you, you'll have to pay me by the hour. With both methods, you still have to respect the licensing of the material used in the mod.

My previous mods:

  • There is a no refund policy, please take this into consideration when purchasing a tier. 
  • Everyone on the Discord server can make suggestions. But that doesn't guarantee that it's going to be implemented.
  • Unless otherwise stated, my mods are always available to the public. Included licenses must be adhered to.
  • No, I'm not really a King.
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Now I can buy a basic 3D model for my next mod every month.
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