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About The King's Legacy

The King's Legacy (Book/Music/Lyrics by Michael Radi)

The King's Legacy is a new musical celebrating women in history through the stories of Anne Boleyn - the second wife of Henry VIII - and their daughter, Queen Elizabeth I.

What is it About?

It is a story about overcoming the seemingly insurmountable barriers placed on us by our circumstances and the world around us. Anne Boleyn was told she could not keep a king’s interest - then she held him for a decade. When they said she’d never be a queen, she found a way to take the crown anyway. And when they said her daughter - a woman - could never become the heir or a great monarch, Elizabeth I ascended the throne and led England through its first Golden Age.

Anne Boleyn may have died in the process of defying the insurmountable, but wouldn’t we all sacrifice everything to make our deepest desires and greatest dreams come true?

How is this Musical New or Different?

This unique musical is performed by a troupe of 9 Elizabethan Players (6 women, 3 men) playing all 20 characters, and is narrated entirely by the women of the ensemble. The musical style is a mixture of legit and contemporary, though straying toward the legit vocal sound of a more classical musical theatre. The King’s Legacy mixes the forms of the past with the messages of today and walks a line between them.

Short Synopsis:

The musical is performed in honor of the fortieth anniversary of Queen Elizabeth I’s celebrated reign and spans thirty-five years between two story lines: The present consists of Henry’s attempts to obtain a son, while Anne Boleyn seizes all opportunities to forge her own path, and the subsequent consequences for Catherine of Aragon and the English court. The future centers on Henry and Anne's daughter, Elizabeth, as she grows up and learns how to become a great monarch through her mother’s legacy and Henry’s later wives.

Why this Story?

Throughout our lives we are all - and women in particular - constantly told “no,” “you can’t,” “you shouldn’t,” or “that’s not how it’s done,” and are supposed to take that at face value. You cannot do, acquire, or achieve something that you desire with all your heart, and that’s that. But what happens when women throw off these shackles, stare down their circumstances, and tackle the impossible?

Slowly, but certainly, we are moving toward a more woman-centric - or at least more balanced - world. The journey has been arduous and often plodding, but we will get there inch by inch if we must. And this journey began long ago with women who were bold enough to defy the status quo. Anne Boleyn and Elizabeth I were cast aside and purposefully disenfranchised because of a natural aspect of who they were: women. In today’s social and political climate of fear, bigotry, and purposeful disenfranchisement, this story resonates fiercely.

A king decides he needs a son to inherit the throne, no matter the cost. A woman of low nobility decides she needs control over her own life. And somehow they meet and intertwine these two desires – Henry offering Anne queenship and Anne offering Henry an heir. It’s an intriguing tale filled with conflicting desires, dramatic historical moments, and an inspirational surprise ending.

And the greatest irony, in my opinion, is that after the following four wives, a son who reigned shortly before dying from illness, and an elder daughter who also reigned shortly and died of illness, it was Henry and Anne’s daughter that fulfilled both of their desires.

Where has the Musical been and where is it Now?

The musical was first conceived in November 2012 and had a completed first draft in April 2013. Following a reading in Queens, NY the musical began a long period of major developments. A complete second draft was showcased in an open workshop by the Random Access Theatre in July 2013.

After this workshop, The King’s Legacy went through several major changes. By the time the show was performed again in March 2014 for the Emerging Artists Theatre Festival, the show’s structure was entirely different and over half of the score was new. Since that time, The King’s Legacy has taken a new form that best suits Henry’s journey, the women’s perspective, and the unique storytelling. The show was then presented in this format in an Industry Reading in November, 2016, as well as highlighted in "The Songs of Michael Radi" at Feinstein's/54 Below in October 2017.

This past August, The King’s Legacy received its Premiere Production at the Bristol Valley Theater in Naples, NY to great success and fantastic acclaim! Pictures and Video from this production can be found on the musical's website:

Following this production, a concert of music from the show was just performed at the first every TudorCon in Lancaster, PA, which was created by Heather Teysko (founder of the Renaissance English History Podcast). Upcoming, The King's Legacy will be presented in full in an industry reading this November through the Dramatist Guild's Friday Night Footlights.

How You Can Help!

The developmental process for a musical can be quite long and arduous. So far, The King's Legacy has been in development for over 6 years, and yet there is still a ways to go before we find ourselves playing steadily in New York City or touring productions around the country and to your doorstep.

In order to get to that point, there are several more steps of development and production such as: Industry Readings (like the upcoming one this November), NYC Workshops, Regional Theater Productions, and possibly other smaller Productions in the city or abroad.

To make these steps a reality, we need you! Theatre is a costly venture - at every stage - and writers are not paid for their work until a full-scale production takes place. That means that each of these steps is being paid for out of the pockets and time of the writers, performers, and other artists involved.

So until that eventual call from Broadway, we rely on the generosity of people like you who are interested in what we create and want to help it move on to its next stages of development! A monthly donation goes a long way in helping us achieve each of the next required steps, and moves us all closer to gathering under the same Broadway theater roof to experience The King's Legacy live!

What You Receive

To begin with, I will be doing my best to deliver specific content for my Patrons such as:

-Updates on the show's progress
-Behind-the-Scenes information and content
-Access to Demo recordings
-Writing information and updates
-And more!

Additionally, I will make myself available to you for questions, thoughts, and discussion - a type of access only available for Patrons!

I also hope to be able to give Sneak Peeks of new material as it becomes available - particularly new music, and maybe even script content as well!

And who knows? My most loyal supporters may even get invitations to closed events that come along, such as industry readings and workshops! As time goes on, more content is created, and donation tiers develop, all of this will evolve. But for now, whatever you feel you can give to The King's Legacy will be greatly appreciated!

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