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About The Know Show Podcast


We Make Education Fair and Equal

The Know Show was created in 2019 to give academics that platform they need to make their research accessible to everyone. By doing this, we take a big step forward in making education a level playing field.

Since we started just over a year ago, we have reached 300,000 people across 22 countries. 

Help us Reach More People

We need your help to keep the show alive and thriving so that we can reach more people. By unlocking the amazing world of research, so many people around the world will be inspired to change our world for the better.

We bring you research in every discipline directly from the academic. We have no hidden agendas. The Know Show has been self funded by the organisers. While this has been very rewarding, it also makes bringing more research very tough. So please  let us come together to democratise education!

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Together, let us make education a fairer system!

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