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those who bake and carry the bread

per month
Without small, regular contributions, this project would be impossible to host, maintain, and present as a platform to the world. The voices we make room for would be unheard as well as uncompensated. No help is too small in this project. This pledge is foundational and necessary to our work. 
If you pledge at this tier, at each release of The Lark, you will receive an automatically generated and randomized poem created using texts of consenting contributors to The Lark. 

those who plant the seeds and tend the flowers

per month
This pledge is the steady, reliable heartbeat for us-- the stuff that keeps us going in this work. 

If you pledge at this tier, you will receive, at each release of The Lark, a different linocut print made by Leah Kuehn, one of the editors of the magazine. This will be packaged and mailed to you.

those who weave by daylight and unweave by candlelight

per month
This is the real stuff-- pledging at this tier means that each month you are fully funding a contributor to our magazine, which is a tremendous generosity and an enormously appreciated fidelity to the arts and to our vision. 

If you pledge at this tier, we will post your name or organization on our website and link to your own work, website, or organization for the duration of your pledge. (If you'd like to remain anonymous but want to memorialize someone, we can work that out with you.)




per month

About The Lark

The Lark was created because we saw, and were hurt by, the lack of compensation for artists in the world-- and we wanted to create a place where people could behold excellent work and know that the writers, authors, and makers of that work were compensated for it. If you are on Patreon, you already have some affinity for that kind of thinking. The Lark is a curated expression of that notion. 

Additionally, we wanted to build this platform together from the ground up and get our hands as dirty as possible in the process-- we wanted to build the website together, learn to code together, reach out to contributors together, screen submissions together, talk through our visions together, adapt together, learn together.  Collaboration, transparency, and adaptability make up the bones of The Lark. It is always changing and evolving as we learn, in small and subtle ways-- and we are doing our best to listen. 

The Lark is able to support artists and thinkers by virtue of support from people who believe that the ubiquity of the internet is not a reason to accept diminished quality in publications, or to skip supporting contributors. We believe the very opposite is true. This publication is able to be what it is, for those who want it to be what it is, without selling advertising or subscriptions, simply because we asked people if that was something they would be willing to help see in the world. The answer was, and continues to be, a resounding yes.

Thank you for joining us in this journey-- it is humbling and heartening to know that people support our vision of the arts and want to help us hold this particular door open. 

With love and gratitude, 
Emily Heinz
Laine Leah Kuehn,
Creators and Co-Editors
$0 of $91.93 per month
Each issue of The Lark currently costs $364.33 to produce at maximum.  

Our costs per year total $1103.17.
$945 of this pays our contributors. $158 goes to hosting, domain, and postage costs. The editors for the magazine are not paid. 

Our monthly costs break down to $91.93. 

When we reach this monthly goal, we will be able to run the magazine and pay its contributors without any cost to us-- which is, of course, what we want!
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