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It's a wonderful day. isn't it?

Let's hold back into the couch for some time, sit back and hold your coffee comfortably. If you have your loved one with you, put a kiss on her forehead and hold her hand; as if this is last time of your life you're enjoying together the beauty outside your window pane. Think this would be the last time you could say your heart out to her. Say her, just say her the words that she needs to hear, the words that she only needs to know to quench her wondering soul for ever...

Let your poetry begin. Let you reveal the truth to the love of your life. Because you know this would be the high time for you to say how much you care about her, how much you miss her finger through your messy hair, tell her how much you miss at the lonely nights when the chilly storm takes the life away from you...

Don't you remember the bus stop, you see her off? The cruel life takes her away every day you think of lasting for ever. And then each passing moment you feel the spikes tear you down into pieces. 

...and then again you get up, you get back to life because of her unconditional love. Because you know she's got you only she could put her life on, like walking down through burning hell with her eyes closed with black cotton tape. She puts her hand into you and ready to take all the risks. She bears all the pain just as you do for her. Love hurts. The way is not always so easy. It gifts you, your own poetry to tell the world outside.

I am not afraid to fall. But I'm afraid that I may be missing out my meal from next time if I lose your love and support. 

I wish I could tell you more
About the things happening inside me-
I wish I could show the madness
That makes who I am-

I wish I could take you
To the valley of never-ending beauty,
But only I know-
Holding your hands and walking the empty roads
Makes me nearer to the place I wanna go.

I know the nights when we see the beautiful sky-
And your eyes look for the stars up there-
You tell me the stories of your life
Some made you awake till dawn, and
Some made you smile a little bit,
I wish I could take you
To the valley of never-ending joy-
Where sorrows are not welcome.

I wish I could tell you more
About the cruel world that conspires against you
I wish I could erase all the tears you shed
In the lonely and cold nights,
But you know my love for you-
That no one will ever have,
I wish my love
Stay with me and take all that I have.

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