The League of Geekz is creating Podcasts and a Youtube Channel..

Instant Access!!!

$1 /mo
You get a Shout Out on The League of Geekz Podcast.  You also get instant access to Patreon only Movie Reviews bi-monthly and weekly animated cartoon reviews for our DC Animated Geekz show where we...

Round Table

$5 /mo
A shout on on our podcast.. Everything that the 1$ donor gets, AND if you are a continous donor (6 months or more) you will get an invite to join us for a roundtable episode that we will record and...

Movie Review and LOGZ show Podcast

$10 /mo
If you are a maintain this level for 6 months.  You can join us for a movie review show and our regular show.  1 magical night.. LOL, but you get to chose the movie we review, and join us for our w...