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*Starting July 1 2021, All content that is exclusive for User tier is temporarily available for all tiers

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*Starting July 1 2021, All content that is exclusive for User tier is temporarily available for all tiers

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About The Learning Site

Hey there, welcome to The Learning Site's Patreon Page!

As an online resource for educators around the world, The Learning Site provides free instructional materials for kindergarten and ESL (English as Second Language) teachers.

We created this online resource for two reasons:

1. Help teachers find the right resources quickly for their next classroom activity. Teachers are our modern-day heroes, and they deserve all the help they can get!

2. Create educational materials that are engaging and fun at the same time for students. Having fun inside the classroom helps students retain information better and faster!

Our Journey

Hi, my name's Dan. The idea to build The Learning Site started in October 2011 when my wife and I were looking for an avenue for collaboration. With our combined background in illustration and education, we thought about starting a project that will support teachers and educators all over the world.

After crossing out a hundred ideas in our to-do list of instructional materials, we’ve decided to create original flashcards and worksheets for free.

Currently, we have produced over 500 free, original instructional materials. Take a look at some of our flashcard illustrations below: 

Why We Chose Patreon and Crowdsourcing

Shortly after creating the Learning Site, there was a shift in priorities in our household leading to us (my wife and I) spending more time with our regular day jobs. As a result, our creative side projects have taken the backseat, and there’s been a lack of new materials produced for The Learning Site.

Despite the absence of new resources on our website, we noticed that we still get an average of 1,500 monthly page views. The page housing our free flashcards is also getting more clicks from website visitors. We realized that teachers and website visitors find value in what we do!

With these mini aha-moments and website statistics to back us up, we’ve decided that it’s high time for The Learning Site to step up — aka a big update of our resources and website. This is the part where we need your help!

What We Are Creating

With our discovery that more website visitors are downloading our free flashcards, we’ve decided to focus on adding more free flashcards to our website using the funds we generate from this Patreon project.

Each of our existing flashcards have colored and outline versions. Take a look at them below:

There are two types of flashcard designs on our website: simple and premium.

Samples of simple flashcards: Simple flashcards take less time to Illustrate.

Samples of premium flashcards: Premium flashcards take more time to conceptualize and Illustrate.

The flashcards we will create for this specific Patreon project will be uploaded to the website as JPG files with watermark. However, patrons in our 'User' tier will have access to the Hi-Resolution PNG files with transparent background.

Left: Sample of Ukulele Flashcard in JPG Format with watermark. View Full Size
Right: Sample of Ukulele Illustration in PNG Format without watermark and with transparent background. View Full Size

If you’re a teacher, parent, or a kind stranger on the Internet who’s interested in supporting The Learning Site (hopefully you are because you’re still reading this!), we are eternally grateful!

We’d also like to be transparent on the following:

- Flashcards created and sponsored by our Patreon community won’t be sold at any online marketplace or platform.

- We receive a small earning from Google Ads, and we use it to cover basic costs such as hosting, domain, electricity, internet connection, illustration software and tools, etc.

- You can download some of the PNG files of our existing premium flashcards at Teachers Pay Teachers (an online marketplace of educational resources) for a reasonable price.

Leave your comments and suggestions here; at our Facebook page or email us [email protected]. We're thrilled to hear from you. Thank you!

$3.13 of $300 per month
1 set of 10 simple flashcards

Note: Each flashcard comes with a colored and outline version. When we achieve this goal, we will produce 20 flashcards per month. 

While waiting for this goal to be accomplished, we will produce 1 set of 10 simple flashcards every three months.  

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 34 exclusive posts

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