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About The Ledge Media

Welcome to our Patreon! Whether you stumbled here by mistake or are a supporter of our work, we couldn't be more thrilled that you're here. Let's get right to the point.


The Ledge Media is a small production company dedicated to storytelling with style. Our team is made up of three friends, Gerard, Greg, and Rashielle, who each bring a ton of experience and ideas to the table. Together, we have a couple of projects under our belt and we have so many more that are waiting to be brought to life. That's where you come in, but we'll get to that soon.


Currently, we're working on our upcoming documentary series, Respect the Light. The series covers the stand-up comedy scene in Miami and three local comics who are dedicated to making a name for themselves, despite the small industry in the city. Before Respect the Light, we completed our first documentary project, PEOPLE'S CLIMATE MARCH in 2017. As the title suggests, the short film was about the climate march that took place in D.C. that year. We were able to share it at several screenings across Florida as a catalyst for progressive discussions. We've also produced a podcast, the Down to Mars Podcast, which you can find here.


Like we said, we're a small company will pretty ambitious ideas, and honestly, we think you'll love them. All of our projects have been made possible by our own sweat, tears, and the pennies from our pockets. There are a lot of costs that add up while we are working on these projects, not to mention time away from paid work. We all hustle doing side jobs, but to continue producing work at the level of quality we've dedicated ourselves to, it just isn't enough. We're dying to open up the scope of our work to include narrative films and adventurous, purposeful projects. And more than anything, we'd love to share the process with you. 

We're not strangers to roadblocks. Having worked at this level, without any lucky connections to give us a "big break", we have to hustle for every opportunity. We think a lot of you out there can relate and we want to be able to share the journey and all the lessons we learn with you. With your support, we can break down some doors on our own terms, with creative control, all while inviting you along for the ride.


  • Film Festivals - At the moment, this is a big one on our priority list. We've entered our upcoming project, Respect the Light, into a few film festivals and we have our eyes on a few more. By pledging even just $2 a month, you could help us cover the festival submission fees, and with enough support, we can comfortably look forward to attending the festivals wherever they are (assuming we are selected!)
  • MORE CONTENT! - Isn't that what we all want?! We'd love to bring you more consistent digital content with fresh new stories and ideas for you to dive into. Your monthly pledge can help us cover all the costs that go into making dope stuff, like music licensing, gear rentals, talent, etc. 
  • Exclusives - We've got some exciting stuff in mind for our Patreon community. As we said before, it's important to us that we keep you in on the journey. We're talking director's commentaries, exclusive behind-the-scenes looks, access to our team for all your questions and suggestions, and more. We want to create extra special content, just for you. 

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Big things have small beginnings! When we reach our first 10 Patrons, we'll pop some bottles and get lit. Kidding. We'll actually release a heartfelt Thank You video from the team :)
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