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About The Lemonade Store

Hi! I am Chelle. I am an artist, designer, creator, and maker...of all sorts of things. I started working at a local bead shop in Laguna Beach many moons ago when I was 14ish years old. I worked summers and every weekend, and I loved every minute of it because I was creating! 

After I had my two kids, I had a few health issues, but I found solace in coloring...which moved to lettering and watercolors; I want to create an environment where we encourage each other, and learn from each other. I am all about keeping it real too. I make loads of mistakes and create things I am not too stoked about, but I share them anyways. PLEASE COMMENT & INTERACT WITH ME! I love it! 

With the patreon money I receive, I am hoping to expand so that I can get the information out faster to all of you! I would love to also upgrade my video and audio equipment to create better quality videos.  I seriously thank you for being a part of it!

At the first of each month, any tiers with rewards will be sent out! xoxo!
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I am having so much fun sharing my tips and tricks about hand lettering, artwork and crafting on my Instagram and YouTube channels. I am working hard to get content out on my YouTube each week so as to share what I have learned with all of the internets! Thank you so much for taking the time to support me. This goal will allow me to keep up with new content and invest in some better equipment to get this info out to all of you!
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