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Welcome to The Lifestream, the premiere source for all things Final Fantasy VII since 2008... And still going strong! Our wonderful team are dedicated to bringing you the latest in news, translations and hard-hitting analyses right as they break, as well as the low-down on what the rest of the gaming world is up to while we eagerly await the Remake.

We started off ten years ago with publishing news and exclusive translations, and since then have brought to light hidden game data (see the Unused Text article series!), game version comparisons, audiobookspodcastsYouTube videos and more.

Join the discussion on our Forums or our Discord! Our fan community is continually buzzing with ideas, speculations, fan-creations and Remake-related anxieties—just like you!

Becoming a Patron for The Lifestream means you will help us get by. We'll use the donations to help pay for our month-to-month server costs, which for the past ten years have been paid for mostly out of pocket with some aid from advertising on the site.

Once expenses are covered, we'll be spending whatever's left on tools to help us build more content for the people who love it - such as games and hardware for reviews and articles - but perhaps more importantly, archival and analysis. Giveaways are also a possibility, since we have a great community!

If the Patreon becomes really successful, we'd like to start a travel bursary fund. Some of our most dedicated contributors and members are often not able to afford traveling abroad to one of our meetups (such as KupoCon, where The Lifestream tends to have a presence), and we'd like to be able to scrounge up money to pay for their trip and stay.

So please consider becoming a Patron of TLS (that's!) so we can continue to bring you the best source of FFVII analysis in the FF fandom!
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