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About The Lightblue Ribbon

The Lightblue Ribbon or TLR is a group focused on a variety of subjects, such as journalism, freelance writing, poetry, aviation, economy, travel blogging and drones. Its contributors are freelance journalists and writers who devote their time to deliver articles on a monthly basis and occasionally cooperate with local news agencies, for free. Though TLR officially started on september 2013, its roots date back to 2010. Here's a few facts about TLR: at the time of its debut on Patreon (April 2017), TLR had 285 articles of various subjects, written by 16 authors, 8 of which are currently active TLR members; 150 articles have been published on local newspapers; TLR members won 18 literature awards and aim at winning more; over the years, though we did so as independent writers, not as a group, we have published various books. We have done a lot, but we believe we can - and will! - do way more than this, as the group expands.

Our group isn't all about blogging and articles, though. Our members do many things and this notable variety has allowed great things to happen over the years. We have journalists who have become poets or writers, and vice versa, thanks to our constant support. We firmly believe in culture and free writing as ways to show the world that every single artist can give a significant and heterogeneous contribute to art and culture.

At the moment, we are planning to publish a number of books and organize events dedicated to culture in the places we are from, and we would also like to help other groups with similar goals. Wait, if you're wondering what our name and logo are about, let us give you an answer.

The Lightblue Ribbon, our symbol, is meant to represent infinity and the blue skies, two things that we believe perfectly match our will to be, and remain, independent journalists and writers. TLR is A group for Free Writers and Thinkers so this logo accurately sums up what we are all about.

We haven't earned anything in years and years of freelance writing, and this has pretty much prevented us from doing anything beyond our regular agenda - that's why we believe contributors can really make the difference. TLR and its writers are mainly based in Italy, a country where journalism faces continuous backlash from certain political parties. Though we have a strict rule forbidding any political-related discussions and articles, we still face the consequences of living in a place where journalists either "work" for free or have to adapt to the needs of political parties. When it comes to writing and poetry, things are slightly better but still not good compared to other western countries.

On May 4th, 2017, we have finally made the decision to debut here on Patreon, hoping that it will mark the beginning of a more intense activity as both freelance journalists and writers. Your contribute may enable us to get some our works translated into English for everyone to read and enjoy! Do you find it challenging? What about this: our top contributors will be awarded in very... artistic ways!

- Francesco D'Amico and Antonio Mirko Dimartino
TLR Group Coordinators
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This is very easy - we have published 285 articles so far, all we need is 15 more to mark the 300 threshold! Do you want us to get there faster? Support us and cover part of our expenses - sometimes, we are required to travel from one place to another to write an article.

- Francesco D'Amico
TLR Group Coordinator
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