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Who are you ?

I'm a video creator that tries to make short, to the point, and well edited videos, tutorials, and opinion pieces about Linux. I started the channel, The Linux Experiment (or TLE for short) in early 2018, and it already reached almost 30 000 subscribers, which is absolutely crazy to me.

I edit everything with Kdenlive on Linux, and have no other system installed on my machine: if I can't do it on Linux, I simply won't do it :)

I tend to cover any Linux-related topic, whether it's gaming on Linux, new distro releases, desktop environments, and privacy-related matters, such as how to switch from Google's services.

Ok, but why would I give you money ?

To be honest, I don't need any of your money. I have a full time job I have no intention on quitting any time soon, and making these videos is a hobby for me. It is, however, a time consuming hobby, and has a few hidden costs, such as the gear to record audio and video, and the hardware to edit and render the videos.

The only reason I'm setting up this page is to be able to cover these costs and, let's be honest, have an incentive to keep working on Linux videos, other than the glory and respect (hem) of my fellow Linux users.

So, I don't get anything ?

Of course you do ! Here are a few perks you'll get if you decide to sponsor the channel through Patreon:

First, you'll get access to an exclusive Patroncast posted here. These will be more personal stuff on how I feel about certain Linux issues, or simply about life in general. I tend to try and live a minimal life, which is a complex journey, and I like to share some thoughts about that from time to time.
I'll make at least one each month. Most will be in audio form, others are in in video format!

Second, I'll publish some links to the sources of every video content I create. Every screencast I recorded, and graphic asset I created for the video, as well as any Kdenlive Wipe I created. I'll start with hosting all the custom wipes I built, and a set of my most recent videos. All new video sources will be hosted there as well.

What won't be hosted ? Anything I don't have rights to redistribute, or anything with my face in it, or my voice. So no audio files, and no recordings of myself, plus probably no music, unless I created it myself.

Cool, but if I stop subscribing ?

Once you've downloaded some files, they are yours, even if you stop being a subscriber. They'll be made available through the Creative Commons with Attribution, and Non Commercial Use (CC BY NC), so you'll only have to mention the channel somewhere in your own project, but are free to modify and redistribute any part of it on your own terms, as long as it's not for commercial use.

My goal is to help other creators have a small source of screencasts to use in their own projects, to avoir installing a distro, or running it in a VM just to get 1 minute worth of video content.
$100.49 of $200 per month
I'll buy a new camera to replace the one I'm currently using to film my ugly mug. This will allow me to look at hardware more closely, film better quality videos, and let you see every pore on my skin.
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