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About The Lior Vaknin Show

The Lior Vaknin Show is an alternative audio and video podcast with interesting individuals I meet along my journey around the world.

I recently finished a 22 months, 50 States Journey in the US, and after 6 years of living in the states (and short stop at the homeland, Israel), together with my partner we have relocated to central America, and to be more exact - Costa Rica!

This podcast is about the personal stories of those unique individuals I meet along the way. The show is not about some marvelous success stories or unique tales of people who went from rags to riches, but a unique view into some of the amazing stories people from around the world carry.

This project won't be able to sustain itself without your help!

You can contribute as little as $1/month, which will help me to focus all my energy and effort into bringing you these stories.

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