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What is the Local Glow?

The Local Glow is an independent podcast production based out of Chicago, Illinois, created by Tariq Shihadah. Through our featured interviews, live performances, and story-telling, we dig into the heart of local music and arts throughout the Midwest and beyond, uncovering what makes your art and music communities come to life. This podcast is a celebration of art and the unique relationships that it fosters as it draws individuals from different worlds into a space where we all feel a little more alive. This production is also here as a resource to connect you to your local music community and to connect your local community to its rich and ever-changing neighbors around the Midwest and beyond.

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After a successful and exciting 7-episode first season, the podcast took a break for a while to re-structure, re-focus, and expand the team. With the vision cast, the stories brimming, and the team grown from one to four, The Local Glow is weeks away from launching Season 2. This season will feature an exceptional line-up of narrative explorations of community experiences, passionate showcase performances by musicians and poets from around the country, and in-depth looks at the creative world around us. We're terribly excited to share these episodes with you, and to help us do that, we're asking for just a bit of help--just a little financial nudge.

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As with all too many passion projects, creating a podcast's not as free as we'd prefer. As some expenses add up, we ask that you consider supporting us for a few bucks to help us share these stories of community and these exceptional performances with as many listeners as possible.


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Use any podcast app, look us up, and click subscribe! You'll get all of our future episodes downloaded straight to your device, and you can become part of our community of folks who are ready to learn and to foster strength, justice, and culture in their local music community.


Support this podcast directly by becoming a patron here on Patreon! This service is easy to use and--lucky you!--patrons will get special access to some cool elements of the Local Glow experience. Check out the reward descriptions on our page for more information.


This is the easiest way to get involved--give us a share. If you enjoy the podcast or are excited about the content, tell a friend about it! Grab their phone, download a podcast app on their phone, and subscribe them to The Local Glow. Or just link this page or our website,, on Facebook or somewhere and share your excitement in creating beautiful, safe, and strong music communities around the Midwest. Oh, and don't forget to follow us on Facebook!


We're looking for some sponsors for this podcast right now! Are you a business owner or do you know a business owner who might like to sponsor our podcast? Maybe you're a designer looking for some new clients, or maybe you have an exciting subscription service that our audience might enjoy, or maybe you're putting on a large music or community event in the Midwest region... If you have a good and/or service that you might want to share with our listeners, or if you have any questions at all on what it means to sponsor The Local Glow, please get in touch with us at [email protected]



Do you have some experience in podcasting, journalism, audio production, booking, or...anything like that? We're looking to expand our production team and would love to talk to you about joining The Local Glow! Get in touch with us at [email protected]
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