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The Lockdown Comedy Guide is a pleasure to work on - I've met people and seen shows I otherwise wouldn't have come across - but it also takes an enormous amount of time, for which I don't get paid.
So if you've got some benefit from the Guide and would like to help me edge towards a fraction of a minimum hourly wage, I'd be more than grateful for your support.
  • Just give me a bit of pay for my time!

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Right now I'm limited in how much time I can put into TLCG by the fact that I'm having to do other (also un-/barely-paid or spec) work. Knowing that the Lockdown Comedy time is paid for will allow me to crawl more sites/pages and contact more promoters and therefore list more gigs - in particular I'd love to broaden our international listings.
  • Just give me a bit of pay for my time!
  • Allow me to spend more time adding more gigs!

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Have a one-hour Skype (or Zoom, or whatever) call with me once a month to pick one another's brains about live online comedy, the state of the scene, or whatever else you fancy chewing the fat about.
  • Just give me a bit of pay for my time!
  • Allow me to spend more time adding more gigs!
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About The Lockdown Comedy Guide

The Lockdown Comedy Guide was the first group to set out to list as much live online comedy as we could find when The Pandemic hit.
We currently list about 90+ shows per week (some recurring, some one-off) - you could spend hours every day watching some of the best stand-up comedians in the world, and the ultimate aim is to have something listed for every hour of every day.

We don't do pre-records: every show we list is truly live, happening as you watch.

My other aim is to normalise live online stand-up comedy.
The period of lockdown has taught many people what it's like to not be able to access spaces others of us can easily take for granted, and that includes comedy clubs. The scene could be missing out on the greatest comedy minds and the most committed audience members just because those people can't physically, mentally, emotionally, or socially make it into rooms in basements or above pubs!
The lockdown has shown us that it's possible for our beloved scene to be more accessible, and I think it would be a travesty to go back to excluding people once the physical clubs re-open.

So let's shape and develop a community together, and let's support both stand-ups working online and the fans who love watching them.

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