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About The Londog


Nice e-meeting you and thanks for stopping by!

My name is Cristina, I am passionate about dogs, photography and going on adventures with my dog in the city of London (UK) where I live and beyond. If you share my love of at least one of these things, you are on the right page!

To combine my passions, I started blogging under the alias of The Londog, with Argo my “full-of-beans” mutt by my side (it's us in the profile pic, shot by Phodography). It has been a thrilling experience discovering dog-friendly experiences and creating entertaining blogs about unique dog-friendly adventures, places and events all around London, brought to life by curated photography.


Since its start, The Londog has grown and grown and has now an enthusiastic readership. What we have in common is the love for involving our dogs in what we do and live life fully. However, with growth the costs of running the blog have also increased and continuing to fund them with savings is not sustainable in the long run.

I utterly enjoy working on The Londog and I hope to be able to continue running it for a long time. I decided not to run ads on the blog, as I find them annoying and I assume you wouldn't enjoy them either. In addition, I want to keep The Londog independent and continue to be extremely selective with sponsorships. For this reason I need your help. Argo and I’d love to invite you to join us as a member and become an essential part of our journey. Here’s where we are headed. I hope you’ll come along for the ride!


Patreon contributions start at $3 a month, which is approximately £2.40: as little as an off-peak tube ride in London. Your help will contribute to keep the blog going, allowing us to continue to explore new places, create dog adventures and build blogs and guides about the same, so that you can make the most out of this great city with your hound in tow. Our focus will be on both everyday dog-friendly things and unusual and exciting experiences you can share with your dog, like going for a ride on a miniature railway, visiting hot spots that few people know accommodate dogs - like the Tower Bridge Exhibition -, and more. These are just a few that we have shared to date, and we have so many more up our sleeves!

The best part is that, as a Patron, you will be able to be involved in the actual adventures too and know about them before everyone else!

I want to bring together passionate and creative dog owners, and give them the chance to go exploring together, while also having the opportunity to be the subjects of the photos and blog posts that I create about our adventures. And there is more.

Become a Patron today and choose among 3 tiers, which unlock different rewards, making you a Pack Member, Pack Explorer or Pack Insider.
By becoming a Patron today, depending on the tier you choose, you and your dog can:
  • gain access to insights into dog-friendly events and experiences around London;
  • meet me/us in person and join other like-minded people and their dogs in supporting us;
  • have the opportunity to join me/us on one or more of our London adventures and have your dog photographed and featured on the blog;
  • receive digital copies of photos I shoot of your dog;
  • become part of a community of people who believe that dogs should not be left out and enjoy the best London has to offer with us;
  • join in private chats with us to discuss creative ideas, plans and more.
I want you to be part of our journey, so with this in mind there are a number of different levels to our membership so that you only pay for the features you want. You can find all tiers and rewards in the right hand-side bar on this page (or below if you are reading on mobile)! 
But before that... I want to tell you where the money goes!


Goal 1: Achieve sustainability. The initial goal is to be able to continue to do what The Londog does and cover the immediate costs of running the blog. As users we are used to consume blogs, photos, videos for free, but there are many costs that a creator must pay for. From web-hosting, to software, webmaster costs and many more. Your contribution means that the blog will not need to seek and depend on funds coming from sponsor brands, will be able to stay ads-free, independent, and the time freed in this way will be returned to serve who really matters: you, our reader.

Goal 2: Growth and innovation. The second target is to fund a bigger and better The Londog! Your contribution will allow me to create even better content and kick-start exciting new projects that are now just dreams in a drawer. If you like what I do, I hope you'll want to join for the ride and be part of the vision.

Join the pack and MEET YOU ON THE OTHER SIDE!

Love, Cristina & Argo

Privacy: You can find how your personal data is processed in the Privacy Policy on The Londog's website here and how Patreon processes your personal data here.

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 16 exclusive posts

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