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Hello! I am Dan, the Lonely Havoc.  I play tabletop wargames and RPG's, but my favorite thing about this hobby is the awesome people I meet.  I created the HAVOC CAST so I could talk to people in the gaming community, everyday gamers like you and I... I want to know all about you!

I don't talk about tournaments and stats and things like that.  I ask my guests "The 20 Odd Questions", sometimes serious, sometimes funny, and sometimes inappropriate questions that can generate some crazy conversations.  Its a lot of fun!  I also offer my thoughts and advice on everything from how to be a better player, how to deal with confrontation, coming out of your comfort zone and mental health... all through the lens of the tabletop hobbyist! 

The HAVOC CAST!  Tabletop Wargames, RPG's and the people that play them!  Find it on, iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher or come by the house and we will give it a listen while sitting on the couch.  
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I am hoping to create more content on the HAVOC CAST Podcast, specifically a series of actual play podcasts for the different RPGs I run.  I need a few more microphones and other doodads to make this happen!

With the extra cash every month I can concentrate on purchasing gear, running games, recording and editing them and especially paying my website hosting fees!
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