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Welcome to The Look – reviews and essays on film, TV, clothes and history by Mel Campbell.

I've been fascinated by looks throughout my career as a journalist and cultural critic. I wrote about fashion, history and pop culture in my 2013 nonfiction book Out of Shape: Debunking Myths about Fashion and Fit. I've embarked on excursions onto the street and into the past for my style blog Footpath Zeitgeist. And as a freelance writer I've analysed screen culture and cultural history for Junkee, Crikey, Metro, i-DThe Guardian, The Age and many more print and online publications.

Rather than chasing a market that doesn't value my skills and my experience, I'm using Patreon to rally a community that does. The writing you're helping me produce will be published on The Look's public site, but my sliding scale of rewards (in US dollars) is designed to create online spaces for us to hang out. And the more patrons who pledge to The Look, the more time I can spend on building it into a place we'll all love.

I invite you to be my patron because my unique way of looking at the world makes your world look better. Let's create something smart and curious together!
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