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For this price, you give each boy a shiny dollar and get a nice color for your name nin our Discord server, along with our undying thanks.

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Three dollars-a-boy, and this tier is reserved for people who love their boys equally! Anyone subscribing at this tier will receive:

• Participation in a monthly AMA on the Discord

• Ability to vote on which lore we do next month

• A bonus lore snippet we found interesting

• A shout out from us on social media

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This is for the listeners who hear us recording from Jamie's basement and think, "You know what, this would sound so much better from a yacht, or private space station, or a private space yacht."

For the high rollers willing to dish out $5 to each boy each month, you'll get:

• Everything included at lower tiers

• Suggest upcoming lore for lower tiers to vote on (you'll still get a vote).

• A message written by you to be read on air (curated by us, obviously)

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About The Lore Boys

Welcome to Lore Boys Prime, Lore Folk.
We finally did it.
If you're new here, this is a podcast about the history, events and characters leading up to and including our favourite games, books, films and tabletop games. You can learn fake facts about fake people and their fake lives leading up to the film, book or movie you already love.

Your support is hugely appreciated as we love doing this.

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