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About The LoreCraft Podcast

What Is The LoreCraft Podcast?

The LoreCraft Podcast started out as a way for me to share what I loved about World of Warcraft. And that love is lore and roleplay. In August 2014 I recorded the first podcast covering the history of the Taurens and their scrolls. From that time we’ve covered roleplay, novels, leaders, and titans. And we want to continue our journey for as long as WoW continues to be fun. The podcasts usually range from an hour to 2 hours, and cover our main topic, questions from followers, email responses and fan fictions that we find from around the internet. We not only do this live each Monday night, but we also release them to iTunes and Stitcher so people can have a listen on the go.

Why Should You Support Us?

Good question. Truthfully, I’ll continue to make this podcast happen no matter what. It is a passion of mine. But I’m a husband, a father, and a college professor. So my time is limited. And my funds are always stretched thin. As it is now, I pay for any costs that are required of the podcast. This includes hosting for the podcast, hosting for the website, as well as any prizes that we give away from time to time if they exceed the donations we have already received.

Your support would help us expand, and make things bigger and better. I’m often asked to create more content. But unfortunately I have to pick up outside design work to help pay the bills. Patreon support would help us create more content as those outside jobs wouldn’t be necessary. I also have this dream of giving away random prizes for no particular reason each week on the live broadcast. It would be fun. And I like to see people smile. And your support can help with that.

What Does the Future Hold for The LoreCraft Podcast?

We want more! More lore focus. More roleplay focus. More everything. Ideally we would eventually split the LoreCraft podcast into two podcasts, one covering the lore, and a second covering all things roleplay. We want more articles on the website. We want more artwork. We want more LoreCraft.

Thank you so much, and of course, STAY NERDIE!
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At $55.00 a month, we will have covered our Podcast Hosting at Libsyn and our Website Hosting at Flywheel.  Finally, I can just enjoy working on the podcast, and not stand on the street corner any longer.
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